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As previously discussed, the Olympic draw was to celebrate the record 67 medals at the Rio Olympics. Jane Wyatt has previously won just £10 in all the years of playing the Camelot games. She felt lucky on the day of her win which was why she was so late to buy her ticket. Realising that there was just a matter of minutes before ticket sales closed, Jane went online and immediately bought her ticket at her children’s insistence. Checking later, she was surprised to see she had been such a big winner.

Kurian said: “I have not decided what to do with the money. But definitely, quite a bit of this will be reserved for my children’s education.” When interviewed by the press the father of two children, who are aged 11 and 6, said that this win was very precious to him and at first could not believe that he was the jackpot winner, but is now extremely grateful to have won this generous prize.

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It opened in 1930 after two years of planning and consultation in an age where urban green spaces were common. Improvements are also scheduled for several bridges and walkways across and through the gardens. paths, noticeboards, signage will also see major upgrades. The park receives thousands of local visitors every year attracted by green open spaces, vegetation, the lake and the facilities. With this lottery money, Thompson Park in Burnley expects to continue to delight Burnley residents, improving their quality of life and general environment. The council expects work to begin in Autumn of this year and finish in early 2018.

Choose your numbers by selecting the Play Now banner on the Lottery Tickets page. Simply choose five numbers between 1 and 50 and two Lucky Star numbers between 1 and 12. You can then confirm your purchase and, to take advantage of the special offer, use the promotional code POWERBALL at checkout.

PRAN Beverages has also been implicated in this scam, after director Rajesh Ghosh and sales head Bidhan Kirtaniya were both arrested by CID for parking the profits of this scam of around Rs 55 lakh outside of India via hawala channels. Shubhan Majumdar, PRAN Legal and Public Relations Officer said “The company denies any involvement, even though the pair of accused deposited Rs 55 lakh in the company's bank account before their arrest. It is their own responsibility if the arrestees were involved with any type of criminal activities or any other misconduct that they may have committed.”

2019 was a great year for the National Lottery and its heritage contributions. The 25th anniversary was a celebration; however, it also brought to mind the importance of funds that players raise for good causes across the UK. Heritage Treasures Day has been a successful part of that outreach, enabling project creation and preservation. Heritage includes historical artefacts and sites, and records, but also the natural world. That is the theme of Heritage Treasures Day 2020: the natural world; they want to see places in your natural environment that mean something to you.

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